Mastering the Art of Adaptability in Marketing and Analytics

Adaptability In Marketing

Uncover the power of adaptability and pivoting in marketing and analytics amid disruptions like Gen AI, management shifts, and data challenges

Introduction to Natural Language Processing (NLP) and its Business Applications


In this article we will dive into NLP: Tracing AI’s history, mastering its core concepts & unlocking the business potential of sentiment and semantic analysis.

How to audit a GA4 – gtag.js implementation (step by step)

gtag.js guide

Audit GA4 gtag.js implementations effectively with this step-by-step guide, highlighting key differences between gtag.js and Google Tag Manager.

Superweek 2023: It’s an experience.

Juliana Jackson-Superweek 2023

SUPERWEEK conference is a unique, annual gathering of digital marketing professionals, analysts and thought leaders of the measurement industry.

Business and digital analysts (Part I)


Learn how business knowledge can help digital analysts create or maximize their impact on their projects.

The Technical Marketing Guide


The technical marketing guide will help improve your technical marketing knowledge with 11 chapters on topics from web analytics to cloud computing and APIs.