Hey 👋🏼 I’m Juliana Jackson. Good to see you here.

I started in sales in early 2010, “selling the Internet” over the phone to people listing their properties in newspapers. It was insane that the Internet was an afterthought back then, as people preferred to sell their houses and land in a newspaper.
So, I cold-called these folks to convince them to move their listings online, increasing their reach and potential for finding buyers.

That little push I gave them turned into a 14-year-old curiosity about what makes people tick online. This curiosity has driven me to work in all possible digital marketing and product jobs across B2B SaaS, e-commerce, ed-tech, agency, etc.

My path is filled with learning how to work with data, effectively communicate its value, and dig into the why behind user actions. Somewhere along the line, mobile app optimization, AI, and experimentation became my playground.

I’ve done everything from increasing lead generation, fixing leaky funnels, increasing customer lifetime value, improving messaging and onboarding in SaaS or mobile apps, and ensuring the digital experience feels just right for users.

Every role and project was about pushing my limits, learning something new, and ensuring we listened to what users told us, even when they were not speaking.

Figuring out digital marketing has been a wild ride, and honestly, I’m just gearing up for the next challenge.

If you just found my blog, know that I am still looking for my one true calling in digital marketing. However, I generally write about technical marketing, product, mobile apps, and experimentation.

If you are looking for a speaker for your conference, you are in the right place.

I primarily speak at digital marketing or digital analytics conferences about retail data strategy, AI, mobile apps, and product experimentation.

Previous speaking engagements: Superweek, Measure Summit, How To Web, Meet Magento Indonesia, ExperimentNation Conference, Ecommerce Conference Greece, and more.

Where I will be speaking next:

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