Resources for technical marketers

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Find your next learning or networking opportunity on our Resources for technical marketers page. Discover my curated list of communities, events, and podcasts for technical marketers and digital analysts.

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  • MeasureChat – The purpose of #measureChat is to attract additional genius to the industry and expose folks to the best people out there to help overcome those tough day-to-day questions. Join here.
  • Experiment Nation – Experiment Nation seeks to give all those who are interested in experimentation from around the world a voice – including Conversion Rate Optimizers (CRO), Product Managers, Growth Managers, Analysts, Researchers, UX designers, and Marketers. Join here.
  • Test & Learn Community – Because of the welcoming and encouraging atmosphere of sharing and learning, the TLC has grown to a community of well over 1,000 members and is continuing to grow. Members include industry leaders and those just getting started from research, analytics, experimentation, product, marketing, vendor, agencies, and brands – all working together to teach and learn. Join here.